Pheromone─Distance Brings Lesbian a New Sensory Experience, Gathering Several Female Asian Artists t


▲ Pheromone─Distance leads you to explore innovative and fearless imaginations.

When a lesbian movie became the signature Christmas movie and topics related to LGBTQ+ go viral on media, after same-sex marriage legalized in Taiwan, what is the expectation we can look forward to except keeping an eye out for the continuous efforts on fighting for other equal rights? The first lesbian poster-magazine in Mandarin, 《Pheromone─Distance》, was issued in December, 2020, gathering more than ten women artists lead you to explore their innovative and fearless imaginations.

From 《Girlfriend》 published in 1990s to 《LEZS》 issued since 2011, the magazine and issues related to lesbian culture has been evolving along with the changes to Taiwan’s LGBTQ+ society. From earlier generation, Girlfriend, the black-white printed magazine which is a historic publication for social movement, to the colour-printed 《LEZS》, as a lesbian, we can present ourselves with confidence and diversity to the world. When the general media also focuses on LGBTQ+ issues, 《LEZS》 as the first lesbian magazine for the Mandarin-speaking world, the founder, AJ Wang, questioning, “What else we can do to feature lesbian’s vision to stand out in all these the rants and raves?”, so in the end of 2020, we published 《Pheromone─Distance》, this is a significant present after we stopped issuing a quarterly publication and to re-present our spirit of “Revolution” as the central idea of our first issue.

▲ Themed with “Pheromone” to have readers explore the secrets of love hidden in odours.

This magazine is themed with “Pheromone─Distance” and uses “poster book” as a concept, leading readers to explore the secrets of love hidden in odours. “Pheromone” is an extremely fascinating hormone spreading the signal of desire as well as the magnetism to bring two lovers closer. More than ten women artists from different fields were invited to issue their articles through this publication, including a new generation actress, Cincin Jao, a 3D artist, Dorairolg, an interracial couple, Amber and Tomo, a photographer, Wenjei Cheng and Pinchun Kuo, a florist artist, Kris Lee, an illustrator, LI YA WEN, a pastry chef, Doris, a women researcher, Martina, and the founder of 《LEZS》, AJ Wang, slipping into the consciousness to dig out the complicated desire and monologue buried. Through this experimental edition, trying to break the convention of reading and vision, and presenting this publication as posters, every page is an individual and unique artwork standing for the imagination of the new generation women.

▲ The publication presented as posters, every page is an individual and unique artwork.

The cover story, HER, presented by AJ Wang and Cincin Jao through Dorairolg’s reconstruction by using 3D vision, to open the imagination of LOVE and HER. In addition, the chapter written by Martina integrates the concept of audiobook, readers can hear the writer’s intimate whisper via scanning the QR code. It also comes with a bonus gift, the postcards of presentation to the long-distances, which is suitable for either as a present or collection. The unique art creation is a beautiful feast, as a monologue presenting to year 2020 with a multitude of feelings.

▲ A bonus gift, featured postcards, is a beautiful feast.

《Pheromone─Distance》 is on sale on LEZS and other platforms, please visit our official website and Facebook to find out more information.